Part English manor, part rock-star lair

Posted on Tue, 15 Dec 2020 by KiM

There is some serious drama in this home designed by Ken Fulk and I freaking love it!!!! This 11,500-square-foot San Francisco home was reimagined by Ken Fulk as “one part English manor, and part rock-star lair,” for a couple that is one half British. Located on a strip of Outer Broadway commonly referred to as Billionaire’s Row, the remodel took place over a six-week period while the family was away on holiday. They returned home to find a series of dramatic rooms including a double height portrait hall, a complete English pub, an outdoor cinema and a master suite overlooking views of the Golden Gate bridge and the San Francisco Bay.

I did not think I liked stuff like this – but clearly I’ve never seen this style done correctly! This made my eyes happy, thanks for sharing!!!

Wow. Amazing.

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