A modern, sophisticated kitchen

Posted on Fri, 8 Jan 2021 by midcenturyjo

I don’t know why I’m obsessed with kitchens. My own renovation was completed 18 months ago and kitchens should not be on my radar but this contemporary space by Brit based Naked Kitchens has got me all excited. Traditional materials like walnut and Cararra marble are given a modern twist that is sophisticated and fresh.

Blanders says:

Putting the stovetop on the island is clever from an engineering perspective but not from a design perspective. There’s no way to vent cooking steam, and it’s much easier to accidentally catch a frying pan handle on loose clothing as you move around the kitchen. It’s especially egregious as there’s a perfectly appropriate space for it over on the main counter.

The British do seem to love making bad design decisions in the name of being innovative.

Lorraine says:

I agree with you Blanders; good points.
Plus, for me, I don’t like anything about this kitchen. But hey, I don’t have to. Haha!

Kelly says:

I love all the basic components they used like walnut and carrara marble, I even like the sawhorse idea, but not for the cooktop. This isn’t Benihana…that looks very dangerous!

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