A modern, multi-functional backyard

Posted on Tue, 19 Jan 2021 by KiM

I catch myself frequently looking longingly into the backyard wondering when I can enjoy the outdoors again. Especially after getting a dumping of snow this past weekend when we only had a few inches on the ground before that. Winter has officially arrived! I spotted this backyard project recently by Growsgreen and was immediately smitten. This is my dream – no grass and tons of usable space with minimal gardens. The continuous flow from the house to the deck allows for more space at the same level. The dining area outside the kitchen has restaurant-style heaters in the overhang. Vertical beam screens lead one’s eye to the living room of the garden with concrete planters and floating benches large enough to lay on or seat friends around the fire. This area has a barbecue so the chef can join the party, along with a concrete plinth designed for trays of food or for sitting near the barbecue. When styled with planters it acts as a screen for the lower hot tub area. Light-colored materials make the garden feel open while the darker fence grounds the space and creates a backdrop for lush plantings. The translucent green house material designed in Shoji style is something we were most excited about, having seen it used in industrial applications on larger buildings. It becomes an art piece as it reveals shadows that emerge in the morning and change throughout the day.

Photos: Caitlin Atkinson and Growsgreen

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