Sunday at a boutique hotel

Posted on Sun, 21 Mar 2021 by KiM

The weather is beautiful here in Ottawa this weekend and we’re in yet another lockdown so to pass the time I’m spending it outside lounging in the backyard and trying to spread the snow piles we have left around the yard so they’ll melt faster. Fellow Canadians I know are laughing at this because WE ALL DO IT. Spring and summer can’t get here fast enough. Anyway, I spotted this beautiful luxury boutique hotel/guest house, Maison de la Luz, located in New Orleans in the portfolio of Studio Shamshiri and had to share. It is sooo unique, sophisticated and elegant. What I would give for a weekend getaway here!

Photos: Stephen Kent Johnson

Lisa T. says:

That entry way made me gasp!

Barb Ward says:

Absolutely Stunning Design! Booking next time in States. Thank you Kim for sharing with your followers.

R says:

The symmetry in most of the photos.. a Wes Anderson film

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