Inspired by Flora Soames

Posted on Mon, 22 Mar 2021 by KiM

I’ve been agonizing over what to do with the 2 garden beds my husband created in our front yard when he completed interlocking the driveway. The other day I happened to notice House & Garden’s YouTube account had posted a new video of the rented home of British designer Flora Soames. I love her style and her pattern and colour filled home, but it was her garden that had me really swooning. Her pool became a pond, and around it is the most incredible floral cutting garden. Then it hit me. If I can’t figure out what to do in my front yard, particularly with the 20′ long x 12′ (ish) bed, why not just fill it to the brim with flowers! (I generally don’t plant anything that flowers, I am weird like that). So due to this enlightenment I figured I would share some photos from that feature on Flora in House & Garden (first 4, photographed by Simon Upton) and some from random projects in her portfolio.

Amazing house.

Misty Pesto says:

I have never seen a toilet like in the 3rd photo from below.

anne says:

love it I can see myself living in this house or an house like this!

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