Belgian beauty

Posted on Fri, 16 Apr 2021 by midcenturyjo

“A former glass factory was transformed into single family homes … The project started from a bare construction. The idea was to design the entire interior in an industrial cosy natural way. The use of chalk, concrete, steel windows, marbles, oak floorings and linen curtains. To have an energy neutral building had never an effect on the interior but is a great plus. This project is a perfect example of an added value in a beautiful collaboration between client and interior architect.”

It’s a masterclass in modern Belgian design. The spare beauty, the use of grey, the simple material palette. DS Apartment in Gent by Æ Studio.

Photography by Jan Verlinde

Anna says:

Anyone see a refrigerator in this kitchen?
Why do we so seldom see refrigerators in photo shoot kitchens?
Finding the right spot for a refrigerator is difficult. Maybe that’s why there are
4 shots of the kitchen, but no refrigerator.
I’m tired of braggadocio-ish eye-candy.

O.Pauli says:

Kühlschrank steht auf erstem Bild links neben der Wand!
Ich finde alles fantastisch!!!

Marie says:

I think the fridge is in the back kitchen, the room on the left, first photo.

Raven says:

In Europe, the refrigerator is almost always integrated into the cabinets. So you don’t see it. You slide cabinet door panels on the front of the fridge so it looks the same as the other cabinets (and the fridges are smaller). In this kitchen there are no full height cabinets, so maybe they have a half-fridge in the lower cabinets… or maybe it’s in a pantry.

Gabriella says:

don´t get that angry !
Try to recognize the nice pictures, impressions, colors and corners in this beautiful post, full of atmosphere – it will help you to feel better!
(I believe, the fridge you found in the meantime 🙂 )

Maya says:

I love Belgian design and this place is a postcard image of it. Extra points for its Gent address (Gent being my favorite city in the world, sorry Rome)

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