Neutral modern in a Haussmannian apartment

Posted on Thu, 20 May 2021 by midcenturyjo

Sometimes I think I should be jealous. These Parisian pads are just too chic, too stylish, too fabulous. I really should be jealous but they’re soooooo good I don’t have the time to indulge in a little green-eyed envy. I’m too busy pinning all the inspiration. An apartment in the 8th arrondissement by Atelier Leymarie Gourdon.  Sigh.

Photography by BCDF Studio

Misty Pesto says:

A serene stunner. Beautiful bones & colour palette.

Sparky says:

None of the lovely smooth modern additions for functionality have detracted from the original classic details of the original building. All beautifully executed.

Blanders says:

The framed mural in the nursery is particularly lovely.

Gorgeous. Was looking at apartments for sale in Paris and ouch. 12K€/m2. I know of a family of five in a 20m2 studio. And a medium celebrity also in 20m2. This place is exquisite, but as out of reach as Versailles.

Misty Pesto says:

Thanks for the information.
We are lucky to see these beautiful interiors, many thanks to Kim & Jo.
Daydreaming is free.

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