Lune 1860

Posted on Mon, 28 Jun 2021 by KiM

It’s unfortunate this space is not furnished but let your imagination run wild with the endless potential it has… An 18th century stone manor becomes an unexpected special event pace in Goderich, Ontario. Utilizing a monochromatic colour scheme and tactile materials, the space pays homage to the moon, the only respite in the dark and secluded landscape. Bold, sweeping arches and an extruded barrel ceiling were introduced into the otherwise formal plan to further emphasize the narrative of the moon. Limewashed walls lend a texture that is unmistakably reminiscent of how our naked eye perceives the moon’s surface. In opposing rooms, the highly contrasting colours mimic the dark side. In the kitchen, precious onyx slabs were broken by hand and layered for an unexpected backsplash that adds a beautiful and rugged texture. Designed by Author. (Photos: Niamh Barry)

Misty Pesto says:


Barb Ward says:

Outstanding! Your best work to date

LC W says:

Anyone else want to throw an electric blue sofa in there?

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