The Bank at Vaughan

Posted on Wed, 4 Aug 2021 by midcenturyjo

“Resurrected from a ruinous state, The Bank in Vaughan reclaims its former stature through careful restoration and ‘partnering’ with a new pod extension, adapting from a civic building to the next chapter as a country residence.”

The slate clad pod houses the bathroom, light and bright in contrast to the moody bank interiors where the vibrant blue was informed by remnants of the original colour scheme.  Breathing new life into an old country town. The Bank by Maria Danos Architecture.

Leslie-Anne says:

I would move in tomorrow.

Liz Nichols says:

This is fantastic. I’m all about using old buildings as habitats. Great job.

Anke says:

Gorgeous, especially the combination of the old red bricks and that funky blue! Would be great to see some more small-ish buildings like this here. Thanks for featuring this one!

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