Posted on Wed, 1 Sep 2021 by midcenturyjo

“Like a sculptor who lives and works among hundreds of moulds, mallets and chisels. Like a painter who always needs his brushes close at hand to capture the colourful images in his mind’s eye. Like a couturier who receives his clientèle surrounded by bolts of cloth. That’s how Gert Voorjans lives and works in Antwerp.”

Bravo! A triumph of maximalism, visually stunning and not for the faint of heart. Atelier Hors Catégorie by iconic Belgian tastemaker and interior architect Gert Voorhans.

April says:

I love looking at other people’s collections of crap. I really do.

Anke says:

Maximalism? I am all for it! But if that is an actual leopardskin on the red sofa it is unforgivable, vintage or not.

Laurus says:

You wouldn’t want to come home late from the pub and trip over the Ming.

Rainy Day says:

I don’t consider myself “faint of heart”, but that is visually horrible, to me. That goes beyond maximalism and into the stuff of nightmares.

Now if it is a second-hand shop that would explain a lot.

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