An architect’s château in France

Posted on Sun, 12 Sep 2021 by KiM

For the record I don’t think this is an actual château but since it sure looks like it could be one I’m going with it 🙂 This is the summer home of Argentinian architect Luis Laplace and his partner Christophe Comoy. (It was Christophe’s grandmother’s, and they purchased it when she passed away. It had been in their family since the French Revolution) . It was built in the 17th century and is located in the Gaillac region of Tarn, France. This home is an absolute dream inside and out. (Photos: via Luis’ website, via Pascal Chevallier – Vogue, via Nicolas Mathéus – Elle Décoration)

Moyra says:

Thank you for the treat! A beautiful house and home!

Barb Ward says:

French Revolution! If those walls could talk.
Swoon worthy, thank you for sharing Kim

Merry says:

What is the paint treatment? The walls and ceilings are beautiful. I am normally not in favor of painted timbers but these are incredible! Thanks for sharing.


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