House of clay

Posted on Thu, 18 Nov 2021 by midcenturyjo

“The Clay House, situated in Bethnal Green overlooks two parks, one to the East on the bedroom side with the living quarters facing Weavers Fields to the West. We were struck with how the light cast long shadows deep in to the plan from the afternoon in to evening reminding us of the carved rock formations found in the Western USA – a narrow gap punctured with light. The clients, with roots in California via the Philippines and Ireland sought a retreat from the pressures of city life and for it to be a simple space to work, eat and live. Raw clay plaster walls and ceilings run through the apartment with beaten old white floorboards refurbished but still storied. Cacti and olive trees coexist against a backdrop of an aged birch kitchen with handcut tile countertops and an onyx mosaic bathroom. A travertine table forms the heart of the working, dining and living area bouncing light deeper through the space.”

An oasis in the bustling city. Tactile and soothing with a wabi sabi vibe. Clay House, pared back living by London-based architecture and interiors practice Red Deer.

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