Style in Paris

Posted on Tue, 1 Feb 2022 by KiM

There’s something about Paris style, that you can’t quite put it into words but when you see it YOU KNOW. Alix Thomsen is a Paris designer and though this sample from her portfolio is a broad mic of styles YOU JUST KNOW. Also, Paris architecture rules all.

Barb Ward says:

Viva la France !
vintage wallpaper in the bed chamber
la salle du bain so cheery with the copper
and marble baseboards – mon dieu

Bethany Steinberg says:

Fantastic except for the naked slave picture

ru says:

Really?!!! Every black girl is a slave??? come on… Btw, am black and that pic is great.

lily says:

I agree. She looks like a queen to me. Stunningly beautiful.

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