Azulik Residence

Posted on Wed, 9 Mar 2022 by KiM

AZULIK Residence was developed with no blueprints or previous drawings of any kind. This freedom reveals its originality and the essence of its most significant challenge: to honor those who came before –the flora, the fauna, and the soil. Its location, completely immersed in the jungle, required finding creative ways to work with concrete and manual labor to avoid destructive heavy machinery. Furthermore, we developed an unconventional structure that is not supported by columns or beams but is rather woven like a basket. Thus, the building was planned as a fabric, where interweaving elements are integrated to make up the entire edifice. This is one of the most unique and magical places I have ever seen! Located in the gorgeous Mexican town of Tulum and designed by Roth Architecture.

Barb Ward says:

Swiss Family Robinson Mexican Style –
One of your most adventurist postings Kim

atma says:

Oh My God! I mean, you always post gorgeous homes, but this is off the charts! Fairy tale! Can I go there, please?

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