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Posted on Wed, 8 Jun 2022 by midcenturyjo

Stark, brutal and beautiful. The 10AM Event Space, Athens, Greece by Studio Andrew Trotter provides a stunning shell with its raw concrete, corten soften by sofas, curtains and antique furniture. The space can be divided and is available for events, exhibitions, special dinners, shootings and other creative purposes.

Photo by Salva Lopez

Lorraine France says:

Sorry, I have the guts to say I think that’s awful.
(Sure hope all comments don’t have to be glowing.)

Lorraine France says:

My comment was deleted. Okay, got my answer.

midcenturyjo says:

Sorry Lorraine but we haven’t deleted any comments ourselves. Maybe because you posted several comments in a short time frame the blog’s security took over thinking you were spamming or a bot. Please feel free to post it again and see what happens 🙂

Lorraine France says:

Thanks for your reply, Jo. Sorry if I came across as snotty.

Beth Heatongrindel says:

Amazing, I love brutal spartan concrete-scapes. The starkness giving all attention to the furniture is perfect.
Although, just a wee bit of pondering on the staircase – I need more pictures to analyze, there is light from the window on the wall, is there a step absent in the middle?!? If so, brilliant security measure, but yikes.

Beth Heatongrindel says:

Okay just FYI – I went to the 10am loft website for more pictures, there’s not a gap in the staircase, thank goodness. Must be wierd lighting or photo editing, either way – nightmares averted.
Again, you always point us to amazing spaces and I love it.

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