Modern farmhouse vibes with an edge

Posted on Thu, 9 Jun 2022 by KiM

There is a lot of modern farmhouse style homes making the rounds these days, but this approach with a bit of a minimalism and edginess is doing it for me. Designed by Annie Brahler of EuroTrash.

Barb Ward says:

Awesome find Kim!
Love the kitchen/dining great room,,,and chandy over dining table. Wow!

Marie says:

I like seeing the first photos and before opening the page, guessing Australian or not. This one I knew right away, not. Going for the Australia aesthetic but too many ugly extras and a confusing mix of cabin fever.

A fun game to play! Was I right?

KiM says:

I think home is in Missouri 🙂

Scott says:

Some lovely elements but overall looks like a Restoration Hardware catalogue

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