A home and guest house on the Magdalen Islands

Posted on Thu, 4 Aug 2022 by KiM

A few weeks ago I went to lunch with a group of managers from work and one of them who happens to be very French, was talking about how beautiful les Îles-de-la-Madeleine are, or as the English folks call them, the Magdalen Islands. I had somehow never heard this this small archipelago before, located in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence (and while part of Québec, the islands are in fact closer to the Maritime provinces and Newfoundland). A crazy coincidence that about a week ago while I was perusing the portfolio of Montréal architecture firm La Shed (that I am admittedly obsessed with) I came across a project in their portfolio called Les Rochers, located on the southernmost island of the Magdalens, called l’île du Havre Aubert. La Shed designed a single family home and guest house in this spectacular setting. Inspired by the traditional gabled house, the architects are proposing a contemporary version whose asymmetrical shape is a nod to the Maison des Îles and its drum. Each in their own way, the two residences integrate the drum into the home, unified in a single volume. The interior architecture of the two residences is imbued with the aesthetics of seaside houses. The interior design is meticulous, but remains sober. The guest house is like a holiday home reminiscent of the rusticity of fishermen’s huts, the atmosphere is relaxed. The main house is larger and more refined. The line work is rich and delicate, giving depth and texture to the interiors. Architects create a balanced language for soothing interiors.

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