A 15th century château in Romorantin, France

Posted on Sun, 14 Aug 2022 by KiM

Built at the end of the 15th century by architect Jacques de Persigny for Lord Philippe du Moulin as a reward for having saved the life of King Charles VIII during the Battle of Fornoue in 1495, this castle located on almost 100 acres has a quadriform plan, surrounded by a moat and flanked by circular towers at each of its corners. It consists of two buildings, the dwelling (420sqm over 5 stories) and the manor house, which are accessed by a drawbridge, now dormant, defended by an entrance gatehouse with a postern and flanked by two towers. The outbuildings face the entrance châtelet and form a U-shaped courtyard. They comprise of a 3 bedroom caretaker’s cottage, a house known as the “vegetable garden” built of bricks under tiles, comprising various rooms for storing equipment, vegetable store and garage with an attic above, and a former stables with 6 stalls and a garage that could house several cars, with 9 bedrooms above. There is also a laundry building and an orangery.
A castle completely surrounded by a moat?! I can’t even begin to wonder how magical owning this would be… For sale for 1,976,000 € via Cabinet Le Nail.


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