A marriage of old and new

Posted on Wed, 17 Aug 2022 by midcenturyjo

There are the lucky few who live in Paris. There are the luckier few who live in a Haussmannian apartment with its sugar icing plaster details, beautiful floors and towering windows and doors. Then there are the luckiest few of all who live in a Haussmannian apartment renovated by Parisian interior designer Véronique Cotrel of  L’agence Véronique Cotrel where the marriage between old and new is sublime. Majestic and welcoming. Historic yet perfectly attuned to contemporary living.

Jen says:

Beautiful thank you

axie says:

Wow! A beautiful mix of everything- thanks!

mack says:

Love, love, love her interiors!!! Does she have a book or is there a book that features her work? If so, I want it!!!

Arlene says:

Loved it all! Definitely inspired.

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