Hotel Saint Vincent

Posted on Thu, 15 Sep 2022 by KiM

A building with an illustrious past, the Hotel Saint Vincent‘s story begins 160 ago when it was opened as the Saint Vincent’s Infant Asylum by the heroic Margaret Houghery. Unveiled in the summer of 2021, in New Orleans’ Lower Garden District, the careful restoration of this 1861 building honors its stately history while layering on a new sense of modernity. The interior spaces are a marriage of original 19th century detailing with mid-20th century Italian design elements. Including 75 guestrooms and suites, guests and members can enjoy drinks by the newly refurbished pool or the dark and moody Chapel Club. Our San Lorenzo restaurant serves coastal Italian fare to locals and guests as well as the Paradise bar where all are welcome. The Elizabeth Street cafe offers breakfast pastries, coffee and Vietnamese fare throughout the day.
All the fun and energy you would expect from New Orleans. Designed by Lambert McGuire. Photos: Casey DunnDouglas Friedman & Matt Harrington

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