Castello di Castelcorniglio in Parma, Italy

Posted on Sun, 16 Oct 2022 by KiM

On the hills of the beautiful Parma pre-Apennines, the Castelcorniglio estate offers an insight into the ancient peasant life of rural Italy that is now actually disappearing. In the 570 hectares of wooded hills that represent the property, crossed by a river and with a lake of about 3000 sqm, an old rural village, including thirty traditional stone farmhouses scattered on the hills, takes us back in time, to a reality made a life focused on the cultivation of fields and the care of animals. The oldest news of this place dates back to 1226, when the small and romantic castle that dominates the property, inhabited until a few years ago, was mentioned as one of the most ancient Statutes of Parma. The frames of the walls and the towers crowned by Ghibelline merlons, preserve an ancient history that, from family to family, goes up to the present day. The estate, which is now used as a large hunting reserve, is covered with thick woods and meadows where groups of wild horses make us enjoy the still unspoiled nature of this magical place.
10 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 3,50o sq m of magnificent Italian history. What a beauty. For sale via Sotheby’s.

Suzanne Melton says:

…makes me want to just sit inside and inhale the smells.

KiM says:

Hope there’s a Nonna in there coooking up a storm!

Shirley at Staging Your Home says:

It is just so beautiful! I really wish I could go back to Italy one more time.

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