A ribbon of blue

Posted on Fri, 28 Oct 2022 by midcenturyjo

A slice of blue rises through this Slovakian home’s open-plan living, dining and kitchen. Grounded by a concrete plinth containing a fireplace and storage the steel stairs lead to a sleeping loft. Steel posts and beams continue the colour accent while blue doors lead the eye out to the view. Contemporary living with references to a more rustic past with exposed timber ceiling and painted brick. Atelier režiséra Strekov by Bratislava-based Benko Benkova.

Photography by Matej Hakár

I usually don’t like bright colors in the interior. But that blue accent looks interesting 🙂

Dianne says:

I love most everything about this home, but I would be terrified to use the blue stairs!

TCD says:

Are they shooting a “blue” movie?

In the final diagram, the guy on the staircase is heading upstairs to the weirdly out of place seductress, but what is the second guy by the table doing with a pepper mill?

Heather says:

This looks so livable. Love it. The stairs sans-handrail are a bit scary though.

Chiccrafts says:

A wonderful combination of blue, beige and white. I haven’t seen anything more attractive. I’m going to the store to buy blue paint.

Нерухомість says:

Beauty lies in simplicity.

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