Classic made current

Posted on Tue, 8 Nov 2022 by KiM

Sean Anderson continues to master the balance between light and dark, contemporary and traditional with this gorgeous home in Tennessee, one of his latest completed projects. If you were ever unsure how to make a white. black and brown colour palette intriguing and eye catching, this is a perfect example.

Architect: David Anderson; Builder: The Longtown Company; Photos: Haris Kenjar

axie says:

This is one of those rare interiors that is really not my style, yet I am in love completely with it! No trendy styles or colors but everything done so well. And that painting hanging in the dining room- how unique.
Love every bit of this…maybe I need to rethink my style 🙂

Hi! Would you mind sharing information regarding your dining room chairs? The lines of these chairs are so beautiful. Where would I find them for my dining room?

KiM says:

They are from Modern History

lily says:

There is not one item that I do not covet in that home. Sighhhhh!!!!!!!

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