An English Tudor Revival home exploding with personality

Posted on Wed, 30 Nov 2022 by KiM

It has been a little while since we visited the portfolio of San Francisco designer Jeff Schlarb, and boy did I ever miss his quirky, playful spaces! This home is a bit less playful and a bit more sophisticated than some of this designs but I adore the colours, patterns (note how in the black and white bedroom the fabric on the walls lines up with the fabric on the headboard!!!) and sculptural elements he’s known for.
We approached the interiors of this 3 story English Tudor Revival home with the goal of fusing our client’s interests in vintage and collectible pieces with our contemporary art-forward aesthetic. (Photos: Noe DeWitt)

RU says:

Lovely in every way. … and the ‘bed-steps’ LOL 🙂

Brigitte says:

Absolutely fabulous!

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