A pile of new books – part 2

Posted on Wed, 14 Dec 2022 by KiM

If a well designed bathroom gives you heart palpitations and has you dreaming of soaking in the most luxurious tub surrounded by the prettiest marble and tile and mirrors and sconces then this book is absolutely for you.
The Ultimate Bath (by cofounder of Waterworks Barbara Sallick) devotes its elegantly illustrated chapters to the most luxuriously designed bathrooms from a wide-ranging list of contributors, including Gil Schafer, Nickey Kehoe, Brigette Romanek, and Miles Redd. These are baths that, while grounded in timeless elements, surprise and enchant. There are grand baths of high style with elegant mirrored and marble surfaces. There are bold rooms of rich maximalist pattern and color. There are strictly tailored spaces of great restraint and serenity. And finally, there are baths with restorative views to the garden or forest—or in the middle of nature themselves. Gathered together, these spaces seduce, delight, and serve as a visual blueprint for readers looking to create rest, refuge, and beauty at home. The end result is a book that celebrates the unexpected and inspires readers to bring a magical quality to their own baths, no matter how modest or grand.

Another book that ended up in my mailbox was Soul: Interiors by Orlando DIaz-Azcuy (written by Jorge S. Arango and Orlando Diaz-Azcuy). Contemporists/modernists this one is definitively for you. This one didn’t really tug at my heart-strings as my style leans more vintage and eclectic but there are some really unique spaces featured here I had not seen before. A great coffee table book.
San Francisco–based Orlando Diaz-Azcuy’s mastery of the home interior has made him one of America’s most renowned designers. Regarded by professionals as a “dean of interior design” and a pioneer of minimalist design since the early 1980s, Diaz-Azcuy has been a major influence in the worlds of interior architecture and design. Bringing soul to modernism is Diaz-Azcuy’s greatest legacy, as well as the subject of this book. Each residence featured in these pages is essentially simple, functional and beautiful, achieved with exactitude, attention to detail and craftsmanship. Diaz-Azcuy’s elegantly composed rooms speak volumes for his spare, intelligent, and disciplined touch. His interiors—located in Miami and New York as well as San Francisco—combine architecturally clean lines and an urbane sensibility with smart flashes of bold color or a pedigreed period statement piece to balance a curated look. By orchestrating textural richness, honest materiality, and judiciously deployed global artifacts and art in perfectly calibrated measure, Diaz-Azcuy transforms modernism into something eminently livable, pioneering a new style that has become ubiquitous today.

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