Bespoke beauty in Beirut

Posted on Mon, 13 Feb 2023 by midcenturyjo

“A canopy of refined details, an assortment of colors and materials, a contrast between mass and void, what we expect to achieve from space design is synergyNatural light is our main orchestrator as it defines the way we read and therefore feel about space, each one of our interventions is mindfully tailored according to its visual impact and the way it would interact with its environment. We’ve always been interested in experimenting with rhythmic patterns of geometric shapes as they add a unique signature to each one of our projects.”

OMG the walls! The beautiful carved and curved artisan wall panels. What would be just a stylish space has been elevated into a stunning space. ANM Residence in Beirut by design studio David/Nicholas.

Photos by Matthieu Salvaing

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