The power of colour

Posted on Tue, 28 Feb 2023 by KiM

This incredible interior design project by Gracinha Viterbo is a stunning display of the power of color. Gracinha has expertly used color to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. She has chosen colors that bring out the best of the space and reflect the natural beauty of the area. The colors used in this project are vibrant and alive, creating an atmosphere full of positive energy. In addition to her use of color, Gracinha has also used furniture and artwork to create a stylish living space. She has selected pieces that are eye-catching, yet functional, and that complement the colors chosen throughout the space. With her careful selection of furniture and artwork, Gracinha has created a living space that is full of character and charm. 
I love how Gracinha took the green in the main living room ceiling down onto the walls a foot or so. It’s dramatic but not overwhelming. And having white hallways gives the eye a break and is also dramatic in its simplicity.

Melanie D Millar says:

Is it just me? I keep looking at these photographs trying to convince myself that they are not computer generated/enhanced. Which can be a great way to experiment/explore the impact, effect of color in space.
But I can’t convince myself that these are photographs in the strict sense of the word. Anyone else?
Another possibility-could be a hybrid. Digitally enhanced. I am sure there are experts out there that can tell at a glance.

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