Colour in a Hausmannian

Posted on Thu, 9 Mar 2023 by midcenturyjo

“This Haussmannian apartment houses a clever mix of strong contemporary pieces, nuanced by furniture with vintage accents. The bold colour choices, the onyx of the worktops, the marbled resin of the floor and the curved red wall of the kitchen shake up this traditional Parisian interior.”

Chez Léa in the 7th arrondissement of Paris by Batiik Studio.

Photography by Romain Richard

Anke says:

This curved red wall with the cosy breakfast nook is such a nice surprise!

Sarah Jane says:

Lovely to stumble on this beautiful use of color, especially just after admiring the work of an artist hand painting murals in her MN home: @builtin43 on IG, and

Alana Reed says:

Its designer and polished, but in a way that is more livable, warm and cozy than I’ve seen in such a long time! So inspiring, thank you for sharing.

April says:

That bathroom looks so impractical. There is no counter space. Who needs a troth sink in their home? Those are cool for hotels and restaurants. A home bathroom needs counter space. Or a shelf. Maybe that’s a medicine cabinet? But i don’t see any seams for it to be so. The gap between the wall and kitchen cabinets looks like dirt/dust collector.
Living room looks weirdly staged. Imagine two people sitting in it, having a conversation at those seat distances. Silly. Can we have design that is practical and beautiful?

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