Château de Digoine

Posted on Sun, 12 Mar 2023 by KiM

Château de Digoine, located in in southern Burgundy, France is an absolutely breath-taking 15 bedroom home from the 1700s owned by French filmmaker Jean-Louis Remilleux. Filled with exquisite antiques, art, textiles and wallpaper, it’s every traditionalist’s dream. And it’s definitely checking all the boxes for my dream château. Photos: Pascal Chevallier for Architectural Digest and Jerome Gallard for Elle Decoration.

Moyra says:

Breathtaking. Grand and formal style. Beautiful all over.

Claudia Vargas says:

Es como uno se imagina un hermoso castillo francés. Wow

barb ward says:

I had to call the paramedics – my heart stopped beating after seeing this chateau. Crazy for everything, well, except the moose in the dining room and kitchen.
Thank you Kim for allowing beauty such as this to be shown.

Rainy says:

For me it feels more like a museum or antique store rather than a home.

Lily says:

I agree, Rainy. Look but do not Touch. It is glorious in its conspicuous consumption.

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