A colourful family home in London

Posted on Mon, 20 Mar 2023 by KiM

Inspired by the joyful and eclectic atmosphere of the home in the ‘Paddington’ films we created a vibrant, pattern filled home for design lovers, with an emphasis on practical solutions for family life and interesting design details throughout.
This could not be more perfect for a family with young kids. The colours are so fresh and incredibly fun and have such a wonderful energy. Immediately brings a smile to my face. Also how can you not love a yellow kitchen? Designed by James Arkoulis and Saskia Howard of Howark Design (***update: and as per the comments, also designed by Robert Atherton Design)

Leslie-Anne says:

The yellow kitchen is perfection.

Heather says:

Gorgeous built-ins.

Milady says:


Karen says:

I love every.single.thing about this home! The colors, bathtub, storage, design, light, patterns, textures. It radiates happiness!

Lorraine Frances says:

The introduction you wrote is right-on, Kim! Love it and also love the balance of the whole place. Thanks. 🙂

A lot of the details in this property was actually designed by Robert Atherton Design. Howark came in after me and did some great changes to the property but I would like to stress that it is not exclusively designed by them. There are still a lot of elements in the photos that were created by myself. This is the third article that has appeared about this house which is factually incorrect.

KiM says:

I’ll update the post Robert. It’s unfortunate Howark is taking all the credit then according to their portfolio.

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