Preserving history embracing the modern

Posted on Mon, 31 Jul 2023 by midcenturyjo

LSL Architects have undertaken a breathtaking transformation of an 18th-century barn in the picturesque French countryside, turning it into charming gites that blend history and modern comfort seamlessly. With a vision that celebrates the rustic charm of the original structure while infusing it with contemporary elements, LSL Architects have breathed new life into this historic gem.

Carefully preserving the barn’s original architectural features, such as exposed wooden beams and stone walls, the gites exude an authentic sense of history and character. The interior spaces have been thoughtfully reimagined to offer all the amenities one would expect from modern accommodations, without compromising on the unique ambiance.

Photography by Katrin Vierkant.

Anke says:

Very, very cool. If I could pull off minimalism or anything even vaguely related to it (I can’t though!) this is how I’d want to do it.

Anne says:


Ulrich says:


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