A remodeled 1935 Tudor Revival in Minnesota

Posted on Fri, 11 Aug 2023 by KiM

Minneapolis based design firm Studio Day are “preservation focused”. *mic drop*. And hats off to having that mentality in this day and age where soooo many people think you should slap paint on something and call it “modern” or “refinished”. In the case of this remodeled 1935 Tudor Revival home at some point the dark trim had been lightened and Studio Day designed to leave it light, which works to keep the home from being too dark. In the living room the lights had been plastered over but were uncovered and made functional again (that ceiling millwork is FAB!). The blue tile bathroom was maintained – sooo glad to see that because so many colourful bathrooms of that era are destroyed. All in all the character of this home is unmatched and its beauty is 150% worth preserving. Photos: Wing Ho; Styling: Carrie Charest Valentine.

Ashley says:

Absolutely beautiful room designs. The bathrooms in America are huge compared to ours in the UK, so much opportunity to create an amazing space!

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