Greenhouse House: Merging Living and Nature

Posted on Thu, 24 Aug 2023 by midcenturyjo

Ever imagine living in a greenhouse? Add in the challenging weather conditions found in Norway and you have this amazing greenhouse house. The project’s standout feature is its creation of an extra climatic zone bridging indoors and outdoors. This allows the owners to extend the growing season for their plantings as the colder months close in. Equally by capturing the spring sunlight they can start to enjoy the “outdoors” earlier than they would as the snow lingers. Amidst the forest, the greenhouse protects and nurtures, filling family life with light, colour and potential. Heating, materials, food and maintenance embrace sustainability, reshaping living in harmony with the surroundings. Hus i Drivhus by OA (Outline Arkitektur).

Milady says:

What a beautiful way to live!

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