A colourful and tonal 1890s townhouse in London

Posted on Thu, 31 Aug 2023 by KiM

This five‑story neoclassical townhouse, built in the 1890s in London, is all about saturated bold colour choices and using them tonally in each space, creating sooooo much drama and eye candy. And is a wonderful example of one of my favourite paint techniques – taking one colour and using it over trim, walls, ceiling, doors etc. In this case Golden Design took the same shade onto curtains, and carpet, cabinetry and furniture and headboards etc. It’s one way to go a little crazy with colour but in a soothing, easy on the eye sort of way. And it’s so much fun. Photos: Michael Sinclair

Russell Isaacs says:

Years ago someone/people was/were critical of the black and white palette featured in your soul nourishing site but where are they now? Thank you creating and sustaining this fantastic site.

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