Modernizing and adding character to a 1980s home

Posted on Wed, 4 Oct 2023 by KiM

Completely refurbished to accommodate the clients’ family, this typical 1980s home has been modernized to showcase the various vintage pieces amidst a space filled with character, just like its owners.  With a strong presence of wood, marble and touches of color, the ambience of each room reflects the Blanc Marine signature as well as the clients’ love of art and antiques, contributing in every way to the unique atmosphere that emanates from this home.
Charlotte-Denys residence designed again by Blanc Marine. I would have never EVER guessed this was a typical boring 1980s home. Lots of dark elements for drama, gold toned woods for some warmth, a sense of calm and old world vibes…I love every element and every inch of this. (Photos: Charles-Olivier Richard)

Stella says:

What a stunning transformation! The blend of vintage pieces, rich wood, and marble, along with the strategic use of color, truly brings out the character in this 1980s home. The infusion of Blanc Marine’s signature style and the clients’ love for art and antiques adds a unique and captivating atmosphere to every room. The incorporation of dark elements for drama, gold-toned woods for warmth, and an overall sense of calm and old-world vibes make this residence an absolute delight. Kudos to Blanc Marine for once again creating magic in the Charlotte-Denys residence! ✨🏡 #HomeTransformation #VintageCharm #DesignExcellence

marie says:

Would have loved to have seen the “before” pictures!

The mix of dark elements and antiques so welcome to eyes bored by bright breezy beachy Australian interiors (ubiquitous at present).

axie says:

I too love this style, one of my favorites. I live in a beautiful part of the world but we are about to go into our six months of Dark Days and I have to say I love to get away, even if only visually, to those breezy beach interiors! I love checking out all the diverse dwellings Jo and Kim bring us to drool over- I will say though if I see a fifty shades of Barbie pink post I might have to exit fast! 🙂

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