A new-build mountain ranch home in Oregon

Posted on Fri, 20 Oct 2023 by KiM

The majestic footprint of the home needed an equally compelling design. This masculine rustic retreat was made with natural materials, organic accents, and an elevated approach for maximum comfort. We were able to translate the rugged surroundings into livable yet tailored spaces for this client and their family. From woodsy brown stains to neutral yet impactful tile, stone, and marble, each room feels like a retreat. The kitchen and dining nook have this moody and intimate feel to them. From the dark countertops to all of the complimentary natural stone, it is such a timeless combination. Rugged and elegant at once, the transition into the breakfast nook and dining space is seamless! We drew a lot of inspiration from Europe in this project.
This may be “rustic” but I’d add in there “elevated” and “refined”. It’s top-notch cabin living but no way are you letting people wander around with muddy boots on. Another one designed by Light and Dwell (maybe obvious because of their signature use of furry chairs…and now I need a furry chair). Photos: Michael Clifford

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