A colourful Provençal farmhouse (from 2001)

Posted on Thu, 26 Oct 2023 by KiM

After some random searches I ended up finding this House & Garden article that was from 2001 featuring what was once the Provence farmhouse of Maxime de la Falaise and Sarah St George, and I had to share because ah mah gawddddd. This home has such a brightness, and lovely features such as the tilework throughout, lots of sunflower-yellow walls, large fireplace in the dining area, beautiful textiles in every room and WOW – the sitting room used to be a barn! I am absolutely in love with the stained glass marquise hung over the stove. Storing that one away in my inspiration folder (but as if I could find one in the wild). Photos: Tim Clinch.

Teri says:

Love the creativity and beauty. Giving “out-of-the-box” an amazing new meaning. More, please!

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