A few more new books that landed in my mailbox

Posted on Wed, 15 Nov 2023 by KiM

I wanted to share another batch of books that landed in my mailbox lately. All of which are great Christmas gift ideas. Can’t go wrong with a book filled with pretty pictures!
First up is Laura Gonzalez: Interiors, published by Rizzoli (with text by Cédric Saint André Perrin). Known for her chic mix-and-match style, one of Paris’s most in-demand interior designers presents her most standout projects in a highly anticipated debut monograph. A designer and architect renowned for her inventive use of rich patterns, textures, and joyful details, Laura Gonzalez’s interiors exude a vibrant boldness tempered by elegant romanticism. She draws inspiration from a classical world imbued with contemporary sophistication, as well as diverse cultural influences from Chinese and Indian to French and Spanish. Gonzalez’s eye for pairing palettes and her hallmark whimsical touches have transformed her into one of the French capital’s most popular designers, with luxury brands and the trendiest hotels calling upon her know-how.
I was not very familiar with Laura’s work but was pleasantly surprised when I first dug into this book. Her use of colour and pattern and some of the really elegant spaces she has designed makes this a wonderful book full of inspiration. Also, the cover is the prettiest pattern and is cloth so it is the perfect book to put on your coffee table.

Next up is another beautiful book, inside and out. This is another glorious cloth cover and so pretty sitting out on a shelf. James Boyd Niven: Interior Design by James and Diego A. Flores, published by RIzzoli.

The first book from British-Argentinian interior designer and creative director James Boyd Niven, merging South American cultural and historical references to produce youthful, vibrant design. With five chapters divided by theme and geographical location (Urban/Buenos Aires, Rural/Campo, Austral/Patagonia, Hospitality/Montevideo, and Beach–Horseback riding/José Ignacio, Uruguay), the book features multiple homes illustrating each style through a coherent and amicable aesthetic. The aromas and flavors of these regions are compounded in this book to illustrate the varied South American lifestyles and cultures. A section highlights table settings designed to complement the projects and to tell a story through the five senses.
I was also not familiar with James’ work and found lots of eye candy in this book, though found it a bit disappointing towards the end, feeling like much of the content was just there as “filler”.

And last but not least, Palm Beach Style: The Architecture and Advocacy of John and Jane Volk. Authored by Jane S. Day, with Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach, published by Rizzoli. This wasn’t really my cup of tea as it was more of a “history book” but would be a great gift for someone who lives or vacations in this spectacular area.

Palm Beach style is the expression of elegance and romance everywhere evident in this paradise and epitomized in the lives and work of architect John Volk and artist-preservationist Jane Volk. Together they conjured up much of the magic that now makes the place. The book explores this unique chemistry and the dazzling homes that are the result. John Volk was one of the “big five” architects of Palm Beach. It was here, during his sixty years of practice, that he was commissioned to design over 2,000 projects, among them the Royal Poinciana Plaza as well as additions and renovations to the Everglades Club. This book is about the Volks, and the part they played in conjuring the spell with which Palm Beach continues to enchant.

Marie says:

The last picture of the James Boyd Niven set – what was the name of this property. Gorgeous.


KiM says:

It’s either a farmhouse in Gualeguay, Argentina or a farmhouse in Libertad, Uruguay.

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