A 1915 country house for sale in Pontevedra, Spain

Posted on Sun, 26 Nov 2023 by KiM

I’m dead. This property for sale in Pazos de Borben, Pontevedra is soooo beautiful! It consists of 2 buildings, an ‘Indian house’ of 410 m² and another typical Galician L-shaped house of 100 m² and the listing says both require renovating. I don’t know how much renovating but I sure would not do much with the rooms featured in these photos! The facade is blowing my mind – incredible! For sale for €800,000 via Lucas Fox.

Rainy says:

“I’m dead.” Why are you using this???

“I’m dead” is Gen Z slang used when a person laughs too much that he or she could no longer breathe.

KiM says:

Apologies for the confusion but that term the way I have used it and heard it referenced is in terms of something being so amazing it’s killing me with its awesomeness.

Sparky says:

I can see escaping to this place for the better part of every year. I would take my gardener and housekeeper with me. 🙂

axie says:

As usual, I am in love with the exterior- the patina, moss and lichens ahhh! I know it will probably have to be updated to preserve and make safe but there just is something special about seeing such ‘oldness’ in it’s original material.
Oh, and that entry and stairs- wow!

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