It’s all about the location … and the house

Posted on Thu, 11 Jan 2024 by midcenturyjo

They say it’s all about location, location, location but a cool house helps too. What I love about this gentle reworking of this waterfront cabin in Maine by Angie Hranowsky is just that … a gentle hand, a light touch. It’s rental which explains the lack of big ticket, rip it out and rebuild projects but I think it’s perfect. Mind you with a view like that I’d be happy to sit on a box 😛

Juliet says:

This house was designed by a local artist and self-taught architect named Emily Muir … I think there was a deliberate light touch here to preserve original features, which seems just right for the house. Polishing it and introducing expensive finishes and furnishings would have felt off. I’m a Maine-based architect living and working about a half hour from the house. One of our clients even used the kitchen as inspiration for his own home!

Sparky says:

So perfect!

Kylie says:

It is lovely- feels uncontrived which I love. Staged homes so boring. Over them big time.

Heather says:

This is really lovely.

ZORAH says:

what a view !

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