House of Otto

Posted on Mon, 22 Jan 2024 by KiM

A range hood and headboard created from architectural salvage from France. A French sideboard converted into an island. A lacquered yellow butlers pantry. A curved plaster staircase. A speakeasy behind a hidden door with a massive bar. A gentleman’s office hidden behind a wall panel in the dressing room. Annie Brahler of Euro Trash is the absolute queen of drama and this home is dramatic like I’ve never seen. Her jaw-dropping use of European salvage is what really sets her apart from other designers and her lack of fear and always stepping outside the box is really inspiring. I’m obsessed. Photos: Bjorn Wallander.

Elain Nesta says:

That range hood has me googling salvage yards near me, wish I was in France. It’s a lot, but who cares, so many great ideas to steal bits and pieces of!

Clara says:

It’s so fabulous for the range! Spectacular range hood!
I love it so much.
But the very small very yellow kitchen is too much for me (I could not cook is this kind of environnement and I love yellow…)

KiM says:

It’s a butler’s pantry where you go to grab a serving dish, not an actual kitchen

Suzanne Melton says:

EuroTrash appears to be located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Bjorn Wallander resides in New York City.

So, where is the House of Otto?

KiM says:

Ladue, Missouri

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