A Paris pied-à-terre for an art collector

Posted on Mon, 5 Feb 2024 by KiM

Interior designer Alexandra Boussagol designed this Paris pied-à-terre located in a hôtel particulier for her art collector client and I love the warmth and dramatic elements. To make this apartment contemporary, the architect Alexandra BOUSSAGOL evolved around three axes: the curve, the use of  sophisticated wood and noble stones – to design custom furniture and create certain coverings –, and the color – worked from ad hoc manner, chosen according to its intensity in order to counterbalance the whiteness of the walls. The monumental doors, hand-crafted from wenge-tinted wood, welcome visitors into a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. The original oak banister retains its charm, while the marquetry parquet flooringarranged in a reflective rosette, captures and diffuses the light, illuminating every corner with subtle elegance. Photos: Didier Delmas.

Debra says:

Nice interiors. But “art collector?” What does that mean in this context? Is this person also a sofa collector?
Go to an art supply store Buy a nice 4 x 4 canvas. Put a dropcloth down. If you can afford it buy a $150 easel. Otherwise use a chair.

Best to start with something that’s easy to wash off… 👉Acrylic paint is great for beginners. Buy a decent quality set Cheap paint doesn’t mix properly.

You’ll also need brushes…but to start you can get various “disposable” brushes. Just check they have some firmness when you bend them and the bristles don’t easily pull out.

The thing about acrylics is you can continue to keep painting over them with new paint so don’t worry about “mistakes.” The more depth the better. If you make a huge mess, that works too. Here’s a decorator secret: paint one color, such as white or black over most of that “mess,” leaving bits of color and various shapes peeking through. Instant “gallery style” art.

Otherwise, start with an idea, a photo, an object. Don’t seek to replicate it, you just want to look at it to find the darks and lights, the shapes.

All that is to say, ‘art’ is something you create, not just buy, nor even sell. Express yourself. Life as art. 😍

KiM says:

Little did our readers know they’d be getting an art lesson whilst trying to enjoy some pretty interiors….

TMK says:

I suspect that in “this context” art collector probably means what it does in every other context: a person who buys or barters works of art.

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