Beauty and style on Lisbon’s Rua dos Anjos

Posted on Fri, 16 Feb 2024 by midcenturyjo

“G&D were captivated by the architectural charm of their Lisbon apartment, featuring intricate Pombaline style and 19th-century details like ornate ceilings and moldings. Although it required substantial renovation, G&D embraced the opportunity to preserve and restore its historical elements, aligning with their philosophical approach.

This home showcases a fusion of contemporary art, vintage pieces, and their distinctive sculptural furniture designs, particularly featuring ceramics. Collaborating with Portuguese potter Lígia Guedes, their innovative ceramic pieces extend beyond conventional boundaries.

In their woodwork, G&D playfully incorporate local wood species into seating and wall panels, embracing a unique approach. G&D practice also emphasizes collaboration with international talents, who work alongside Portuguese artisans and employ local materials to create special editions available for purchase.

For example, New York-based Korean artist Minjae Kim utilized local pine for their dining chairs, while British designer Charlotte Taylor crafted their daybed from the same timber. Parisian Garance Vallée collaborated with Lígia Guedes to produce their distinctive bedside lamp.”

Beauty and style, modern living in a historic shell apartment on Lisbon’s Rua dos Anjos by Garcé & Dimofski.

Photography by Marina Denisova.

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