A designer’s home – where every detail tells a story

Posted on Fri, 23 Feb 2024 by KiM

I’m always talking about attention to detail and how in awe I am of the skill of designers to layer to many elements in a space that it feels like your brain may explode (in a good way). There is a lot going on in the Indianapolis home of designer Tiffany Skilling and I really REALLY love it. Each space is like a jewel box full of treasures. The kitchen is a prime example. A mural type wallpaper with a fairly bold marble is a little shocking at first but layered they really compliment each other…and then you walk around the corner into a pantry and bar area, and around the other corner another butler’s pantry? I’m dying. I applaud her unique style and brave approach to elegant maximalism. Photos: Sarah Shields.

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