A unique brick house for sale in Holte, Denmark

Posted on Mon, 4 Mar 2024 by KiM

When creativity pushes the limits of what craftsmanship can do…
Actually, it’s a pretty wild idea, yes, to build a house with barrel-vaulted concrete ceilings and everything else in red, hand-brushed bricks: walls, floors, partitions and fireplace with nonchalantly laid mortar. There is no doubt that you have to like the raw expression that designer Tulla Gudiksen and architect Max Gudiksen, inspired by Le Corbusier, massaged into all 155 m2 of the house at Elledamsvej 1 in 1972. 

This home is incredible. I love how raw and rough it appears but the curves of the ceiling add some softness. It admittedly is A LOT of brick but add a bunch of antique rugs and lots of textiles and I would be as happy as can be living here. Thank you Poul for sending us the real estate listing to this masterpiece.

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