French 1950s villa style in a home in Biarritz

Posted on Wed, 6 Mar 2024 by KiM

The construction was not typical of the French Basque Country, it had traces of a southern French mansion, Proven├žal and art deco, so I decided to keep its DNA, respect its exterior appearance and recover all the materials: wood, hydraulic floors, iron radiators and blown glass. I bought old doors, all different, and we adapted them to make the openings.
Eclectic vintage vibes for the win in this beautiful home in Biarritz. Designed by La Californie. Photos: Gonzalo Machado.

Kim says:

Love it all so much!

Elain Nesta says:

There is a cat distribution system.

Why is there no dream-home distribution system?

Put me on the list for this one please.

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