A textile-filled home in Norfolk

Posted on Wed, 1 May 2024 by KiM

I spotted this feature on Cabana Magazine’s website and it speaks to me on so many levels so I had to share. North Runcton Lodge located in Norfolk, England was dilapidated when Kate Giles and her husband Tim Ellis bought it in 2017. It took two years of stripping out sodden carpets and wallpaper, rewiring, re-plumbing to get it to its current state, and no structural changes were made with the exception of the kitchen. Leaving old paint and wallpaper fragments, they filled it with finds from auctions, fairs, and antique shops, and then layered in tapestries, ancient linens, French quilts and so many beautiful paintings of Kate’s. Such a stunning home (and I’m dying over the kitchen’s tile floor). Photos: Mark Luscombe-Whyte

Sparky says:

There’s a whole lotta love there.

barbward says:

Patina surfaces, layering, and just wonderful the couple let this house be…..
and love the hops over the entry!

Amanda says:

Alternativel viewpoint I know, but I would find it hard to live like this. It feels messy.

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