From pizza ovens to breakfast sandwich makers and heated butter knives, we’re now in the age of hyper-specific kitchen appliances. With more and more kitchen gadgets becoming available, it can be difficult finding space in small kitchens to store them all.

We’ve compiled seven alluring ways of storing kitchen appliances in small kitchens that will declutter your space and free up your mind so you can focus more on the cooking.

1. Ace the Main Appliance Layout

As far as kitchen appliance hierarchies go, your fridge, stovetop, and dishwasher are all the way at the top. It’s critical you ace the placement of these when you use a kitchen appliance installation service so you can base the rest of your kitchen organization around this.

Designate zones around these appliances for food preparation, cleanup, pots and pans storage, food storage, and utensils. This will dictate the space you have to store your appliances and the types of storage that will work in your kitchen.

2. Utilize the Corners

Older kitchens tend to have those awful corner cupboards where you need to blindly reach all the way to the back to find what you’re looking for. Thankfully, there have been some very clever corner cupboard storage solutions that have been developed since then that make this the perfect place to store small kitchen appliances for easy access.>

Carousels and Wari corners are just some of the ways you can increase your kitchen’s accessible storage space. This storage solution can be used to store your small to medium-sized appliances, as well as your general kitchen utensils.

3. Maximize Your Cabinet Space

Get more out of your kitchen cabinet space by making it work for you. Most of us only have one shelf in our cabinets and a tonne of wasted vertical space above it. You can double your storage space here by adding in an extra shelf or using shelf risers.

You’ll be able to more efficiently store your small appliances, cups, bowls and more here, freeing up other spaces for your large appliances.

4. Vertical Storage Is Everything

When you’re working with a small kitchen, your vertical storage space is more important than ever. Extra shelving on your walls means you get more free space on your countertops and have less cluttered shelves down low.

Large appliances are heavy and it can be risky storing them above your head. This is why additional shelving to hold your cups and plates is good to free up space in your lower cabinets to store these bulkier appliances around your waist level. Meanwhile, your small appliances like a mixer or blender can easily fit on your top shelves.

5. Display What You Can

Some appliances are just too pretty to stow away in your cabinets. Depending on how much counter space you have, you can proudly display your commonly used appliances while also making extra space for your less glamorous appliances in your cupboards.

It’s more convenient to keep your frequently used appliances out for ease of access. If space allows, store these appliances in an appliance garage. Get some powerpoints installed nearby and you can keep your coffee machine, kettle, or whatever other appliances you commonly use within easy reach at all times.

6. Switch to Multitaskers

Instead of trying to find all this extra space to store kitchen appliances, why not downsize your appliance collection? There is a range of multi-tasking appliances on the market now aimed at simplifying your kitchen gadget collection. Appliances like the Thermomix can replace your blender, slow cooker, standing mixer, soup maker, food processor, juicer, digital scales and stick blender with just one appliance.

Imagine the space you’ll save by replacing all these kitchen tools and appliances with a multitasker like the Thermomix!

7. Store Seasonal Appliances Away

The slow cooker is a staple in the winter months, but do you really need it out when the warmer months come around? Consider storing the slow cooker away in the garage when summer hits so you have room to bring out the trusty ice cream maker instead.

These kitchen appliances tend to be large and bulky, so storing them in your garage or another storage space will go a long way in freeing up more space for all your small appliances.

While not all of these tips will work for every small kitchen, taking the ones that will work for you will help to maximize your available appliance storage space. With such limited space, every little bit helps when you’ve got a small kitchen.

The Best Colors to Use for Hallway Flooring

Posted on Fri, 9 Jul 2021 by Guest

When it comes to your hallway, you have probably not put as much thought into its design as other areas in your home. But, it does not always have to be this way. You do not have to crowd the space with a lot of furniture or various types of artwork. Instead, you can carefully choose a laminate floor colour for a contemporary design. But, what is the best colour for your space? Well, you can discover a lot of options at But, here are some colors you can consider for your hallway.


First of all, a lot of people do not consider brown as a modern color to use for a home space. But, it can be. For instance, a light brown is going to have a contemporary wooden style that a lot of people like. It can make a space appear clean and tidy. You can also opt for darker browns, which can help to expand a space. This is something that can be beneficial if you have a narrow hallway that you wish to widen. So, a modern look can enjoy a light brown color or you can create the illusion of space with dark brown.

Baby Blue

Have you considered a baby blue color for your hallway? Often, this is the first space that a guest is going to enter. Indeed, this means that you want it to be comforting and inviting. This is exactly what the color baby blue can do. This shade is soft and makes you feel good, as well as having a modern touch.


A contemporary color that is trending right now is grey. This means that if you are trying to choose a modern color for your hallway, this is definitely one to consider. In particular, it is timeless and sophisticated and it will compliment other colors if you have furniture or décor already. What’s more, the good thing about grey is that there are so many shades to choose from. Grey wood flooring is popular and offers a lot of options that you can explore.


If you are someone that likes your hallway to appear clean and contemporary, another good color for flooring is white. This is going to reflect light and allow a bright and cheery room to walk into. What’s more, white is known to be a clean color and it can make a space look less cluttered and dirty. This is something that you definitely need for a hallway, which can be filled with shoes, bags and coats.

In Summary

Choosing hallway flooring is not easy. But, it is better to look at all of the options as being exciting. In particular, there are a lot of colors to choose from if you are wanting to enjoy a contemporary style. For example, brown is good for cleanliness and for creating the illusion of space. Baby blue is welcoming and grey wood floors are going to be sophisticated. Plus, white can be clean and cheerful.


Today, architectural lighting design is one of the most transformative elements in the building industry. Whether it’s natural or artificial lighting, proper illumination brings uniqueness to spaces by providing architects a broader scope to express their creativity while retaining the functionality, artistic value, and social perception of an architectural project.

If you look at modern building designs around the world, you can see how lighting design plays a vital role in the visual art of architecture. From using glass to ambient reflective surfaces, designers find different ways to showcase how various lighting solutions interact with various work and living spaces. 

Here are seven of the best illuminated architectural projects worldwide:

The Water Cube, Beijing National Aquatics Center

Accentuating spatial borders and other structural elements using light creates distinctively beautiful spaces. Among such architectural masterpieces in commerce and outdoor advertising is the light box sign. Illumination and custom designs put in a box can make wonderful illustrations of a brand.  

With its architectural design as a focal glow, the building uses both natural and modern light-box-inspired lighting to showcase its striking structural elements. Using the fluorine-based plastic ETFE, The Water Cube allows maximum daylight interior illumination and color-changing LED lighting, giving it a fascinating ambiance at night.

U.S. Air Force Academy (Center for Character & Leadership Development)

When reviewing the best-illuminated buildings, this 105-foot tall glazed masterpiece stands out. The artistically placed horizontal plates with reflective properties create adequate daytime illumination. At night, the structure’s base comes to life with LED floodlights. When coupled with the assortment of decorative mirrors, the lights make the interior space burst into an exciting glow.

When fully lit, the building evokes tremendous emotion with its ability to symbolize the design appeal of each space. The oculus found inside the building’s Honor Board Room further emphasizes the transformation. With rooms full of color and captivating architectural elements, such lighting serves to make it even more stunning. 

Hyundai Capital Convention Hall in Seoul, South Korea 

The Hyundai Capital Convention Hall serves a variety of purposes. From hosting training events to showcasing video presentations, the interior space requires flexible illumination. To achieve this, the lighting design project uses various lighting options, including stage lights, movable recessed lights, and linear wall lights. With individual operations, there are thousands of possible light configurations to suit different occasions.

Striking a balance between light and innovative architecture and design depends on aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality. The convention hall adequately addresses all three aspects to produce simple yet adequate lighting, showcasing its architectural beauty. The lighting project also uses an abundance of accent lighting in the screening hall, creating breathtaking shapes and graphics in a captivating blend of natural and artificial lighting.

Ports 1961 Shanghai in Shanghai, China

The flagship store by Ports 1961 in Shanghai is best described with two words: innovative and breathtaking. The store adopts an iceberg-like design made entirely from glass. The three-story structure uses sculptural design elements instead of the standard two-dimensional glass blocks. The features, creatively designed by combining traditional square and L-shaped glass blocks, fascinatingly provide adequate natural lighting.

The exterior design does more than complement the interior. When stepping through the entrance, the square blocks’ interior elevations display LED monitors coupled with linear LED lights installed along the joints. The light reflects indirectly from the glass to create a breathtaking effect, especially at night. When lit, it results in a beautiful icy glow, reminiscent of an iceberg in the moonlight.

Lighting Design Is at the Forefront of Modern Architecture

Today’s architectural trends show the demand for efficient lighting systems for both interior and exterior environments. A designer can use their innovation to make the lighting enhance the building’s overall design without losing its primary function (to see) while ensuring the overall architecture is appealing and user-practical. 

Many of the best-lit buildings and structures globally take advantage of both natural and electric lighting. With the increasing need for sustainable green energy solutions, investing in natural lighting techniques will save energy while maintaining functionality. Architects need to continue working with interior designers to design aesthetically appealing, functional, and energy-saving lighting techniques for a sustainable future.

Renovating a bathroom can be fun but is also a daunting task. There are too many options that you’ll find that will make you feel confused and overwhelmed. Picking the right materials for your bathroom will solely depend on what sort of bathroom you want to have. Whether it is an edgy one, or perhaps you are aiming for a traditional look, the key to a successful renovation is planning. Listed below are a few things that you need to consider when picking the right materials for your bathroom.


One of the most important things you need to consider when renovating your bathroom is choosing what type of flooring you will install. If you aim for safe flooring, you have to think about the durability of the tiles you pick. Moisture and slip resistance are also important factors when choosing what tiles to install. Your options can be vinyl, cork, natural stone, or ceramic tiles.


The tub is the highlight of every bathroom, and choosing the best one is an important decision to make. For a safe and easy-to-install tub, go for a walk in bath. This is ideal, especially if you have an elderly person at home. They are designed to prevent anyone from falling or slipping. But if you are not into getting this kind of tub, you can always go for a traditional one. Choose the one that will fit your desired look for your bathroom.


Cabinets play an important role in the bathroom. They keep the room clutter-free and organised. You can find cabinets in different styles, but you have to careful and do not let the looks deceive you. Always look for cabinets that are not only durable but will also withstand the test of time. Cabinets made of solid wood and plywood are good options.


No matter what type of vanity you wish to have, it’s important that you know your space. If you have a bigger space, then a built-in vanity might be your best option. However, if your bathroom space is limited, then a freestanding vanity will be good. Your vanity will define the look of your bathroom, so be sure to choose one that will suit your style. Also, consider picking a vanity that is easy to clean.

When choosing the products for your bathroom, always go for something that can withstand the condition of the room. Another factor that you have to consider when purchasing materials is your finances. You have to set a realistic budget that you can spend for the renovation. Check all your options first before making a decision. Once you finalise your budget, stay on track and do your best not to overspend. Whether you aim for a modern or a minimalist bathroom, keep in mind that it should always look clean and organised.

Choose the right materials that will not only make your bathroom look chic but also keep it organised at all times.


How to make your roof last longer

Posted on Mon, 22 Mar 2021 by Guest

You need a solid roof to complete your house. If your roof is damaged or leaking, it can make your house uninhabitable. This is why you should put special emphasis on taking care of your roof. If you do not take care of it early on, you will end up paying a lot of money should the damage be fixed.

Although financing options like Alpine Credits make it easier to renovate your home, by properly maintaining your roof, you can avoid the cost to a great extent. Before we get to the tips to prolong your roof’s life, let’s understand the benefits a well-maintained roof offers you:

●    A More Enhanced Curb Appeal

Your roof is one of the first things that one sees when they are right in front of your house. So, even a tiny defect there can be noticeable. Maintaining your roof will ensure that your house continues to look appealing and stand out from the other houses in the lane. Regularly maintaining your roof will keep a high value of your home.

●     It Adds To The Comfort Of Your House

A well-maintained roof ensures that the house gets adequate ventilation and insulation. This will add to the level of comfort inside the house. When doing your roof, you have to consider the attic space too, as they play a significant role in maintaining the longevity of the roof. When the ventilation in your attic is proper, it will help in keeping your roof ventilated and healthy.

●     It Reinforces Your Roof’s Weather Resistance

When you maintain a healthy roof, you work to reinforce its resilience. Your roof continues to bear the natural wear and tear. Even when it is not raining, your roof has to bear extreme sunlight. Therefore, maintaining your roof properly will allow you to address the problems in a timely manner, making sure they do not get worse. This makes the roof more resilient to wear and tear.

●     It Will Be Cost Saving

When you properly maintain the roof today, you can avoid the high costs of repair that you will end up doing in the future. With regular maintenance of the roof, you do not encounter any problems. This will also allow you to deal with issues at an early stage. Even small leaks can become a serious problem quickly and can turn out to be highly expensive to repair.

A Guide To Make Your Roof Last Longer

You do not always have to spend a lot of money to keep your roof well maintained. Regular cleaning and dusting regularly can also go a long way in maintaining the longevity of the roof. Here are some ways you can keep a well-maintained roof for a long time.

●    Regular Inspection

You must regularly inspect your roof to check if something is damaged or needs your attention. Additionally, before and after winter, you need to do a thorough checkup. Often during this time, your roof is left with some cracks and breaks. Start your inspection at the ceiling and go around the roof. Check for rust on metallic surfaces on your roof and make sure that flashing is working properly. The general examination will allow you to identify the repair and damage in a timely manner. This way, you can treat the issue before it gets worse.

●     Properly Insulate The Attics And Cathedral Ceilings

Properly insulating ceilings of attics and cathedral can help in avoiding ice dams. This can result in expensive leaks, especially in the areas where your roofing planes are connecting with each other. When the top layer of the snow melts on the roofs, it flows down.

However, if the recessed lighting in the cathedral ceiling is not insulated adequately, the heat melts the ice and snow from beneath. The moisture can get collected into the nail holes and significantly damage the decking of the roof. To prevent this issue, a self-adhesive membrane is installed to protect certain areas of the roof against water and ice.

●     Remove The Collected Leaves

If you are living in a tropical region, you have to tread the extra miles to take care of your roof. During the fall season, trees shed a lot of leaves, thereby clogging your roof entirely. Even if you install a gutter guard, this issue can continue to cause a problem. This is why you should remove the leaves on a daily basis.

Although it can be a tedious task, the results can be rewarding. You can simply use a leaf flower as it will get the job done without having to put too much effort. Once you have removed the leaves, mulch them in the garden so that the wind does not blow them back to the top.

●    Take Out The Blistering Shingles

Shingles on the roof may get blistered either due to trapped moisture or an inadequately ventilated roof. Blistered shingles may not concern people who keep granules. However, if you notice blisters, it is recommended to replace them before they pop. And. when the shingles are exposed to the UV rays, they will lose more granules. When you are replacing the shingles, consider the weather. This is because when it is extremely cold, the shingles are likely to get cracked, whereas, during intense summer, the sealants may become challenging to break. Moreover, do not power-wash the shingles as the concentrated spray can loosen their granules. This will cause damages that are not covered by the warranty. Instead, use a leaf blower or broom to remove the dirt and moss.

Final Thoughts

You do not want to be faced with a situation where you have to put an entirely new roof over the house. With time, the roof is likely to experience some damage and repair; however, there are ways you can increase the life of your roof. When it comes to maintenance of your roof, be proactive. If you see small issues, take some time to fix them before they turn into something huge. Lastly, with the above tips, you will certainly be able to prolong the life of your roof.

This post was contributed by a guest writer