Bill Kingston

Posted on Tue, 3 Jul 2007 by KiM

This is a warning. The following photos are of such outstanding quality, if reader continues below a shortness of breathe may be experienced along with slight heart palpitations. Please be advised to proceed with extreme caution. This is a warning.

Photos from Bill Kingston

Wildly glamorous

Posted on Mon, 2 Jul 2007 by KiM

“Park Terrace, London
5 storey house in a Private Road near Regent’s Park
Over 3400 square feet full of rock n’ roll glamour
Sumptuous living and dining areas, beautifully furnished
Stunning black bedroom with ensuite black high gloss bathroom
Light filled family kitchen with dining area opening onto garden…”

Photos from Zownir Locations


Posted on Mon, 2 Jul 2007 by KiM

Jo’s post about Elmira Stove Works the other day seems to have caught alot of people’s attention. I’ve been wanting to do a Smeg post and have been collecting photos for a while so here you are…some Smeg envy.

Drake Design Associates

Posted on Fri, 29 Jun 2007 by KiM

Jamie Drake is a genius with colour. His portfolio is brilliant, and this Fifth Avenue loft really stood out. “Surprise and movement – that’s what I like. Colors both ground and animate this space, whether washing in yellow or popping with pink. High gloss lacquer, antique mirror and rich silk velvets and shantungs polish up the eclectic mix of furnishings.”

Kitchen help

Posted on Thu, 28 Jun 2007 by KiM

Andrika, a Torontonian, emailed asking for some ideas for her kitchen redo. She has white cabinets and can’t decide on a wall colour. So I sifted through my photo collection and oddly enough, most of the kitchens I found with white cabinets had white walls. Here are some that I found with some fun colours. The one above is my favourite. LOVE the blue and green colour combination. The icy blue wall is incredible (!!!). If anyone has ideas for Andrika or has a favourite among these photos, leave us your thoughts in a comment. We’d also welcome photos if you think you have a great kitchen wall colour you’d like to share.