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A modern loft with classical decor

Posted on Tue, 5 Nov 2019 by KiM

What do you get when you pair a modern white loft in Seville, Spain with a designer who has a passion for 17th to 19th century decor? An unexpected clash of styles that is quite dramatic. By Amaro Sánchez de Moya.

The bedroom features a sofa bed, the bathroom is best described as retro but that it’s the kitchen that has Airbnb guests coming back again and again. The perfect Parisian pad to cook up a feast for 12 (and have room for them to sit down) or perhaps teach a class or style a photo shoot. It’s gone to the top of my travel bucket list. For more information visit Kai’s Kitchen Paris.



Loving this fun, inviting Upper East Side pad designed by Nashville-based designer Lori Paranjape. Stylish yet timeless, with lots of textures and patterns against a white backdrop. And massive pampas grass to add some WOW.

Photos: Andy Ryan

Inspired by grand Parisian apartments and the elegance of Art Deco this Sydney residence is impressive not only for its luxury finishes and attention to detail but for its location right in the CBD. A trophy apartment for sure but I’d like to soften its edges just a little, warm it up a tad. A luxurious silk rug across those striking floors, a few more stand out art works. For sale here while the link lasts.


A chic apartment in Mumbai

Posted on Fri, 18 Oct 2019 by KiM

A little bit of modern, drama, and chicness. Loving this apartment I would have never guessed was located in Mumbai, India. By architect Ashiesh Shah.