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An art-driven apartment

Posted on Thu, 15 Nov 2018 by KiM

Whether your space is small, like in this Woolloomooloo apartment, or large, art can be the star of the show and have a huge impact on the decor. In this case it brings alot of drama and interest to an otherwise boring structure lacking architectural details. Another fabulous project by Sydney-based interior designer Jason Mowen. (Photos: Felix Forest)

The perfect marriage

Posted on Wed, 14 Nov 2018 by midcenturyjo

Old, ornate bones and strict minimalism = the perfect marriage. Just make sure there’s plenty of hidden storage for the dream to continue. Dipping into the portfolio of Diego Delgado-Elias, a Peruvian architect living in Paris.

A converted school in Budapest by artKRAFT

Posted on Tue, 13 Nov 2018 by KiM

I am sharing some industrial loft love today care of the new home for the industrial design group artKRAFT. Located in a former school in Budapest, it is 125 m² of rough, well-worn awesomeness, as I have come to expect from these folks. I love that they left it as one large room, with the exception of the bathroom of course :), and they maintained as many of the original fittings as possible. What a fun space to decorate and redecorate with lots of light and potential! (Photos: Csaba Barbay of Flashback Studio)

(Check out this industrial space they also designed)

Another remarkable project from the talented team of L’agence Véronique Cotrel. This time it’s the complete renovation, layout, and decoration of a 60 m2 apartment in Saint Germain des Prés. From an architectural point of view, the fundamentals were totally restored. The original wood beams were uncovered from beneath layers of plaster. The kitchen, a bit of an awkward space is a total gem with stunning tile and brass accents. It’s odd they chose dark uppers and lighter lower cabinets but hey – in Paris anything goes!

Now that’s a gallery wall!

Posted on Thu, 8 Nov 2018 by midcenturyjo

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with gallery walls (or French hangs). When done well they are fabulous but once they became popular most I came across were just itsy, bitsy, boring, bad art banged up on a wall. I turned my back on the trend and embraced large, bold statement artworks instead. Big is better became my mantra. Then I saw this, a gallery wall done right and all of a sudden I was scoping my own eclectic art collection, searching for hammer and nails and planning, wait for it, my own version. It’s not just the art hang that is great in this apartment, 20 Street by New York based, expat Aussie Tali Roth though. I love the layering of accessories, lighting, textiles, paint and texture.